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  • Raymond Yeh

    Raymond Yeh

    Blockchain Engineer @ GovTech Singapore. Writes about personal finance, risk management & decentralized finance.

  • Samuel Pouyt

    Samuel Pouyt

    Tech Lead/Software engineer. I am currently working on Legal Technologies and Computational Law. I enjoy opera, philosophy nature and literature.

  • Gokul Ravi Kumar

    Gokul Ravi Kumar

  • Scott Stevenson

    Scott Stevenson

    Guy that exists and makes stuff | CEO @ Rally | www.rallylegal.com | www.scottstevenson.net

  • Regan Meloche

    Regan Meloche

    Developer working in Civic Tech

  • Hajar Amidian

    Hajar Amidian

  • Tom Barraclough

    Tom Barraclough

    Director and researcher at the Brainbox Institute, a home for discussion about the law, policy and emerging technologies www.brainbox.institute

  • Philip Holdsworth

    Philip Holdsworth

    Litigation lawyer, tweets on data, privacy, machine learning & computational law to address access to justice, governance and political polarization.

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