Questions for Alberta Bencher Nominees

The Law Society of Alberta has announced the Bencher Elections for 2017. Here‘s what I would like to know from the nominees. If you are willing to share your answers, let me know and I will post a followup.

Do you think that regulators like the LSA should have jurisdiction over legal services firms in addition to lawyers?

Do you believe that it should be possible for non-lawyers to own shares in legal services firms?

What do you think the issues are for the LSA with regard to Albertans’ access to legal services online?

Should the Law Society of Alberta be empowered to prosecute unauthorized practice of law?

Should paralegals be a regulated profession under the Law Society of Alberta?

What can and should the Law Society of Alberta do, to address access to justice in Alberta?

Do you believe that the Rules of the LSA should be re-written to be less prescriptive and more consistent with modern business practices?

What changes do you think should be made in the Legal Profession Act?

What can the LSA do to mitigate the disproportionate effects of regulatory requirements on smaller law firms?

What can and should the Law Society of Alberta do to address the attrition of female lawyers from private practice in Alberta, and to increase diversity among law firm leadership and the Benchers?

What impact do you think resources spent on prevention of mental health and addiction problems among lawyers would have on trust safety outcomes?

What metrics should be used to judge the success of the trust safety program given its increasing cost?

Do you believe that the costs of trust safety should be borne by all members of the profession equally, or in proportion to the size of the risk inherent those members’ practices?

What else can and should the LSA do to limit the increasing costs associated with trust safety?

Should the LSA require lawyers to use trust accounts for payments in advance of invoicing of their own services?

What options should the LSA consider in reforming educational and articling requirements for new lawyers?

Should the LSA recognize educational credentials for legal specialties?

What can the LSA do to resolve concerns about the availability of articling positions in poor economic times.

What can and should the LSA do to avoid the loss of self-governance by the legal profession in Alberta?

Written by

Lawyer, Round Table Law; 2018/2019 ABA Innovation Fellow; Sessional Instructor, University of Alberta; Computational Law (Symbolic AI) Researcher, CCLaw @ SMU

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